Directly linking the UK to France and Belgium, Eurostar is an award-winning service providing seamless city centre-to-city centre travel between some of the most important business hubs in Northern Europe. 31% of passengers are travelling on business and 50% of these are C-Suites, one of the most influential and valuable audiences for advertisers to reach. Business passenger figures have increased by 7% year on year as passengers are increasingly appreciating the ease and speed of travel to the continent offered by Eurostar.

The Eurostar offers direct routes to Disneyland Paris and seasonal routes to the Alps, attracting millions of affluent leisure travellers every year. With a 51% AB profile the audience at Eurostar are upmarket professionals with above average disposable income.

At the end of 2015 Eurostar will be launching a brand new fleet of e320 trains offering 20% extra capacity and a faster top speed. 

Source: Eurostar 2015