Touch = engaging, interactive

Dialogue JCDecaux Airport’s ‘Touch’ advertising opportunities enable brands to exert the power of influence on consumers via earned media, providing the chance for a deeper, more personal relationship to develop based on the passenger’s own requirements. Touch products encompass a wide range of ways to create a direct line between brand and individual. These interactive opportunities range from experiential campaigns, bringing a human face to a brand; to interactive Touchscreens and Touch tables, which empower people to find out more about a product in their own time; through to mobile interaction via NFC or QR codes, which deliver a brand experience directly to the consumer’s own smartphone.  

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For brands, it is a positive way to encourage engagement; for consumers, it’s about getting a desired product or service. Across the board, it’s about everyone achieving their objectives.




  • Airport Experiential

    JCDecaux Airport Experiential brings brand ambassadors to the airport in Heathrow, London Luton, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow Airports, and at Eurotunnel. Experiential campaigns put a human face to a brand and create positive brand associations, as brands can give away free product or offer a helpful service to airport passengers. To visit our page dedicated to Airport Experiential, please click here.

  • Heathrow Powerpoles

    Providing much-needed power supply outlets throughout the airport, Powerpoles are a simultaneous branding and service provision opportunity that combine advertising with something consumers need. This generates exceptionally positive consumer feedback.

  • London Luton Security Trays

    This absolutely unique advertising vehicle reaches all passengers using Security Search at Luton. Unusual and ubiquitous, it generates awareness and engagement.

  • Heathrow Event TV

    Located in all terminals, Event TV enables a brand to showcase events, such as major sporting competitions, to a captive audience in a high dwell time environment. Through sponsorship of this welcome distraction brands generate a positive association with a desired service.

  • Near-field communication / QR codes

    Consumers tap or scan the touchpoint to earn a wealth of further information, added value and interaction with brands of their choice.

  • Touchscreens

    Built into a standard 6-sheet unit, Touchscreens offer a route to find out more about a product, and a welcome distraction in a high dwell-time environment. Multiple screens can even provide different levels of entertainment – in the case of Ford, quite literally!

  • Terminal 5 3D TV

    6-sheet units can be fitted with HD 3D TVs to make a moving or a static creative execution leap out from the panel.

  • MediaWall

    Control and create an interactive experience where the wall reacts to movement and gesture in front of it, as well as applying touch technology.

  • Surface Table

    Low-level Surface Tables provide the ultimate departure lounge distraction. Passengers create their own experience using the touch-sensitive surface and can request further information or interaction via the technology.