Airport Technical Specs

Airport Technical Specs

Technical specifications cover all JCDecaux Airport concessions.

General Guidelines

The following section contains specifications applicable to all media types submitted to JCDecaux Airport for scheduling.

All artwork is censored by each concession and is subject to their approval. Artwork will not be approved if it is deemed offensive, compromising to passenger safety or has a negative impact on Airport/Terminal. Please ensure the delivery of artwork meets the deadline set in order to ensure sufficient time for the approval process. Each concession has up to 3 days to approve copy. JCDecaux Airport will not be liable for the cost of any artwork that is not approved.

Please be aware that flash photography is prohibited on our digital network. If copy is produced with flashing imagery, it will have to undergo a Harding Test, which carries a fee of £50. There is a 48 hour turn around for this approval.

Any digital copy supplied to JCDecaux that fails to comply with our published and supplied specifications will be rejected. Where possible, on request, JCDecaux will convert the copy to meet necessary specifications for a fee of £250 per piece of copy. 5 digital files can be scheduled free of charge, with an additional £500 management fee per extra copy exceeding this. Any unplanned copy changes requested during the in-charge period or an out of in-charge upload will be liable to a £500 digital management fee - please contact JCDA Campaign Management for details.

If you are buying all faces on a pack, you are prohibited from supplying static copy, as this will cause screens to burn. Therefore you will be required to provide moving imagery.

If you wish to do a Live Feed campaign, please contact JCDA Campaign Management for specifications and costs.

Advert Length

The adverts can be supplied as 5, 10, 20, or 30 second slots. Advertisers will have 12 minutes in 1 hour

Delivery Deadline

Final copy needs to be delivered by 9am, 6 working days before the start date (usually the Friday). If you have any queries or are at risk of exceeding the delivery deadline, please contact us. A breach of deadline could result in a late publish of artwork, therefore missing the in-charge date.

Please send all artwork to

For all other enquiries, please call 0207 298 8099.

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