Airport Digital

Airport Digital

JCDecaux Digital delivers the power of influence for advertisers. It means stunning noticeability; moving imagery; a story-telling screen; day-part flexibility; a channel for live updates and up-to-the-minute changes; and a route to further consumer interaction. This includes linking the public and the personal by tying screen content to social media, empowering the consumer to decide the ad content, giving them a sense of brand partnership.

In 2015 JCDecaux Airport digital launched the first ever 'smart screen' campagin, in which multiple live data streams were used to create a live 'journey comparison generator'. Dynamic digital campaigns are becoming easier to roll out and are transforming the way brands can communicate with passengers.

transform how brands communicate to passengers
‘journey comparison generator,’ which combines real-time traffic, weather and train service information to help customers make the best choice for their onward travel. - See more at:

In addition to digital media’s creative capacity, the airport environment provides dwelltime, and a consumer who actively appreciates the opportunities for distraction that digital can deliver. 83% of travellers want more interactive screens in the airport environment.1

“They’re usually interesting to watch because they tell stories, and have to show you in a short viewing time, without words.” – Airport Stories 2011

Consumers like them; they also can’t help looking at them. The average number of digital screen impacts per passenger journey is almost 100, with each screen viewed more than once per individual.2

Source: 1 - Airport Stories 2011; 2 - JCDecaux Airport Eyetracker