Airport Insight

Airport Insight

The insight team at JCDecaux Airport strive to be at the forefront of research into the out of home advertising industry, specialising in the unique environment, passengers and mindset the airport offers as an outdoor advertising opportunity.

Our revered research projects delve into both the rational and emotional benefits of advertising at the airport, focusing on understanding the actions, moods and opinions of the affluent and influential audience that pass through these distinctive spaces. 

Enterprise, Globalise, Advertise

SMEs are increasingly driving the UK economy, and expanding globally faster than ever. Consequently these dynamic businesses are increasingly finding themselves in the UK’s airports, engaging with the B2B advertising on display.

Tech in Transit

JCDA’s study into personal technology & the role it plays in our audience’s lives

Airport Stories

 A global study into how passengers experience brand communication in the airport environment.

Power of Influence

Influentials are described as early adopters, trendsetters and ‘socially connected’ – the most important group of consumers for any category or industry. In this piece if research we prove that you will find a higher concentration of influentials at our airports than any other media channel.

Radar: Audience Measurement System

Radar is an audience measurement system unique to OOH and JCDecaux Airport media. It provides a level of passenger information that is unparalleled in airport advertising sales.

Luxury at the Airport

As one of our key categories, this research piece explores how airports are a gateway to the luxury audience. It showcases attitudes of the Global Shopper; international travellers who regularly purchase luxury goods, and UK Fashion Influentials; a study completed in conjunction with Condé Nast, both showing how airport’s offer the perfect opportunity for luxury brands to reach these desirable audiences.

Perceived Value

The perceived value study proved our hypothesis that the airport transfers an additional perceived value onto any brand displayed in the environment. We found that a brand advertising in the airport will potentially be thought of as prestigious, and of higher value.

Meet the Airport Audience

Introducing you to the different audience segments you will find at the airport, understanding their travel habits, relationship with technology and opinions on the airport environment. 

The Chinese Consumer

JCDA partnered with WEI Consulting to survey respondents about their time in the UK – including demographic profile, consumption, and media engagement preferences.  

Business Traveller 3

2015 brings the third instalment of the Business Traveller series, gaining insights from over 500 business travellers into their rapidly changing lifestyles. BT3 revisits aspects such as their relationship with technology, their personal finance, and of course their opinions on airport advertising.