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The ultimate audience

Nearly half of ‘Engaged Britons’ – the most influential 10% of people in the UK - had passed through a JCDecaux Airport concession in the past six months vs 14% of the general population.

(Source: The Power of Influence / Populus 2013)

Airport advertising is the best way to reach them: you are 4x more likely to reach an Engaged Briton at a JCDecaux Airport (JCDA) concession than any other media platform.

(Source: The Power of Influence 2013)

60% of the business traveller audience are business decision makers

(Source: Traveller Insights 2013)

51% of the business traveller audience fly on a monthly basis

(Source: Business Traveller 3 2015)


An active audience

£76 million spent on technology products at Heathrow Airport in 2015, with the tech-savvy audience constantly seeking the latest devices

(Source: London Heathrow 2016)

Not just a business audience: airport travellers encompass other desirable audience groups including global C-Suite Execs, the millennial business elite, cool connected trendsetters, innovative tech pioneers and global jetsetters

(Source: Meet the Audiences 2015)

Welcome to the Millionaire Mindset: 65% of passengers are tempted to purchase things at the airport, with 69% admitting to making impulse purchases while waiting for their flight. They feel like they have money to spend and they want to spend it

(source: Airport Stories)


would respond to an airport advertising message 

(Source: Business Traveller 3 2015)


Case Studies



Providing access to over 130 million passengers each year at some of the UK’s most important international gateways, JCDecaux Airport offers a world of possibility for advertisers. We take a closer look at the elements that make each of our environments a unique and valuable advertising location.